Western Carolina University May, 2012

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Minor in Mathematics


Programming/Languages/SDKs: Java; C; HTML; SASS; LESS; CSS; JUnit; RestAPI; JSP; JSF; Spring SDK, Hibernate SDK; JavaScript; React; RequireJS; Grunt; Bower; ElasticSearch Portal; Jruby on Rails; Angular

Design & IDE Tools: Eclipse; IntelliJ IDEA, RAD, vim, mvn, sublime, MQ Explorer, GCC, Lotus Connections

Databases: DB2; MySQL; HANA

Source Code Control: SVN; GIT

Operating Systems/Servers: Ubuntu; Red-Hat; Windows, Mac


Company: Premier Inc. Jul 2012 – 2015

Title: Associate Java Developer

Projects: Social media Platform (Premier Connect), Windmill (A website determining user access to the rest of products owned by premier).

Environment: Java (J2EE), Spring, Hibernate, Agile and TDD methodology

Responsibilities: Production deployments, key enhancements, new hire training, production issues, general site maintenance

Key Contributions

  • Implemented a JMS queue to notify users whenever a new, relevant item is posted (house built).
  • Did a POC which utilized LinkedIn’s API to pull user information. The POC turned into our quarterly release.
  • Using Ruby on Rails and React, constructed a UI component which could be placed into any other external application. Messages could be placed on the RabbitMQ backend via a restful interface and displayed to the users in those applications.
  • Located an out of memory exception involving how the references to objects were being stored in the JVM.
  • Automated deployments for the Ruby on Rails POC.
  • Added a job function section to the users’ profile where, based on their job function, the content they receive is specialized to their interests.
  • Added analytics to track what kind of contact users are interested in viewing.
  • Wrote an application in REACT (javascript framework) which can be imbeded in other applications with the simple include statement of a jsp file.
  • Did a POC and added user pictures to all of user interactions. This POC also turned into a quarterly release.

Company: ThreatConnect,  2015 – Present

Title: Java Developer

Projects: ThreatConnect jboss server configuration, accompanying EAR file.

Environment: Java (J2EE), Spring, Hibernate, Combination of Agile and Waterfall approach.

Responsibilities: Production deployments, key enhancements, new hire training, production issues, general site maintenance

Key Contributions

  • Designed and added support for HANA database
  • Took it upon myself to write a standalone java program to handle configuring the clients jboss standalone.xml file and maintaining it through updates.
  • One of two people involved in rewriting several UI components moving away from JSF files to angular – rest endpoint – server model.
  • Took it upon myself to write a text parser to automatically link regex’s in comments to their respective details page. (Became a key feature due to the demand of being able to copy and paste in comments without further editing).
  • Wrote several scripts (to switch to hana db, send email to our mailbox, ext…) which QA utilize frequently to test.



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