Quick Links

Below is simply a list of links that I find useful while debugging/developing my applications and though you may find useful as well:


JSON Formatter: Sometimes you are given massive unstructured JSON files, this website formats them so they are much easier to manage.

XML Formatter: Similar to JSON Formatter but for XML files.

SQL Formatter: Similar to XML Formatter but for SQL statements

DiffNow: Plenty of plugins for Sublime Text or VIM that do this however if you do not want to get those plugins this is a quick website to find the differences between two files.

Text Generator: To generate dummy text for testing purposes and don’t want to install any plugins to generate them this website works well.

JAVA Escape/Unescaper: To output either escaped strings for java or unescaped strings.

This list will continue to grow as continue developing but wanted a place holder for the links. Hope this helps in your projects.