Store Git Credentials


  • Must be in a project that uses git.

Why store Git Credentials?

  • Mainly simply for convenience. Storing your Git credentials makes it so you won’t be prompted for your username and password every time you try to push and pull to/from your Git repository.


First off navigate to the project which is managed by Git

Then type in:

git config credential.helper store
git push
Username: <type your username>
Password: <type your password>

And that’s it =).


Install NPM on Mac


  • Must be running a Mac computer.
  • Must have brew installed on the computer. For help on installing homebrew please reference HERE

What is NPM?

  • NPM is a popular node package manager to find and install common Javascript packages to be used on web development



First off we will need to install XCode so run

xcode-select --install

from your command line.

Next up use brew to install node

brew install node

NOTE: This may take a few minutes to install.

Lastly, just check to make sure that it got installed correctly via

npm -v

And that’s it.

Chrome Quick Search


  • Google Chrome is installed (can be download HERE)

What is Quick Search?

Quick Search is a built in tool that Google Chrome offers to be able to jump right to a search on other websites such as youtube, wikipedia, amazon, etc. Based on how we use these sites it could add up to saving a decent amount of time and takes very little effort on getting it setup.


For this guide we will walk through setting up quick search for YOUTUBE, AMAZON, and  WIKIPEDIA.

First of all open up Google Chrome and go to Settings.

Then click the “Manage Search Engine” button on the screen.

A popup of all of the currently supported search tools should appear (as depicted below). As you can see websites such as wikipedia and amazon are already shown on this list. First we will make them a little bit easier to use with quick search. Lets change the second field of each of them to what is shown in the picture.

Search Engine Settings

After Applying that setting when you type




in the navigation bar you will automatically search either wikipedia or amazon.

Now lets add youtube to this list.

So navigate back to Settings -> Manage Search Engines popup and go down to “Other Search Engines”

Fill out the boxes with:

Add a new Search Engine: youtube
Keyword: y
URL with %s in place of query:

Click done and now you can just type


to quickly search anything on youtube